Anonymous asked:"Why haven't I been to this blog before? it's amazing~"

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Anonymous asked:"What's a cordi noona?"


those noonas/ladys that work backstage and go places with idols

they dress them fix their cloths, touch their face do their make up, follow them where ever they go guard them from paparazzi outside sometimes, and get to watch their every move help them whenever they need it.

ahmazing right.

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Anonymous asked:"what happened to ukwon-wolf."

… am i friends with him/her? 

idk lol.. i’ve never interacted with that person ~

Anonymous asked:"can you tell me what's up with block b. i don't know anything rn >.<"

oh yesterday their new MV came out.

then some new photos came out from their facebook.

you can check the block b tag for any further updates.

Anonymous asked:"Do you have a link to what your watching? or were watching or something? o-O"




Anonymous asked:"that dude doesn't know the proper use of your and you're. turn offffffffffffff"

ahaha i knew someone was going to say something about that xD he was texting a long message he was probably too lazy to put in the apostrophes and all. he knows the proper use tho lol~